How Do I Become A Better Bowler?

For you to become a better bowler, you need a lot of dedication and proper training. There are so many sites that provide tips for bowlers to improve their game but some tips are normally complicated and they may not be of much help to you. However, you need to follow some basic guidelines as you enjoy new training techniques that do not seem too complicated or tiresome.

Improving your balance

Maintaining proper balance is a crucial part of bowling. Excessive movements might affect your balance and this also affects your aiming skills. For the best balancing technique, you can visualise yourself walking on a thin rope. You should focus on the things in front of you, not your lower body. Make sure you minimise the movements on the upper part of your body before releasing.

Check your fitness levels

You should maintain high levels of flexibility and strength to add an extra force behind the ball. Additionally, it is good to carry out arm exercises to improve your swing. This should be followed by leg exercises to introduce more power in your thighs, therefore leading to a more powerful throw.

Interpreting the lane patterns

To become a better bowler, you need to understand the effects of oil on the lane. You can bowl on various lanes such as the heavy or light oil versions to understand the ball’s response to each lane. This gives you a broader perceptive of the game and your strong points.

Watch yourself bowling

The best way to note your mistake is by watching yourself bowling. This can be achieved by asking a friend or relative to record your video as you play this game. After the recording, you should take your time to watch the whole video clip to understand your major mistakes when bowling. The most common mistakes include poor shoulder’s movements and the follow-through. This provides room for improvement because you can clearly see your mistakes through the video clips.

Involve a better player

The surest way of improving your game is by bowling with better bowlers. It gives you the much-needed experience and a chance to monitor the movements of your fellow bowlers as a way of understanding the basic bowling techniques. You can also join a local league to learn more from professionals and let them watch as you bowl. They will always give their honest review of your bowling techniques, therefore creating enough room for improvement.